Frequently Asked Questions

Where will St. Petersburg International School be located?

Although we do not have a precise location at this time, we are searching for a facility and are committed to locating St. Petersburg International School in an area accessible to the students we wish to serve, near the city’s downtown corridor.

How many students will be in each class?

Class size will average 15 or 16 students. No class will ever exceed 18 students.

Will classes have aides?

Classes with preschoolers, kindergarten students, and first graders will all be taught by both lead teachers and a full-time aide. Classes in older grades will sometimes have aides as well.

What will school hours be?

We have not yet decided on exact school day hours, but they will be very similar to school hours at most area elementary schools. Before care will be provided as well as an extended day program.

Will children have recess? How often?

We recognize play as central to child development and a necessary component of every school day. Children will have daily outdoor recess, unless the weather requires recess to take place indoors.

Will children get exercise in other ways?

We take a whole child approach to child development. This means that we prioritize the social, emotional, and physical health of each student. In addition to recess, time will be taken each day for a variety of activities, likely to include meditation, yoga, and/or mindfulness exercises.

How will you teach students with special needs?

Research shows that when provided appropriate accommodations, students with a variety of special needs are usually able to achieve success in language immersion programs. Our classroom teachers will be knowledgeable and experienced in differentiating instruction in order to meet the needs of all learners. Additionally, our school will have support teachers to help children who require extra attention and interventions. In many cases, the support we will be able to offer will be enough to help children with special needs achieve academic success. Parents who have children with special needs are advised to share those needs with our school early in the application process. This way, parents can make the best decision possible to decide if our school will be the best fit for them.

How will you teach students who are gifted?

Research also has shown that the challenging nature of immersion is beneficial to gifted students. Additionally, we are committed to providing our teaching staff with continuous professional development geared toward gifted students and we will ensure that regular instruction includes the implementation of teaching strategies for gifted learners. These strategies include acceleration of curriculum, compacting curriculum, and differentiation of instruction to meet the needs of gifted learners.

Will students wear uniforms?

We have not made a decision on this question at this time.